Banks Hoggins unveils 'quality' Waitrose ads

Waitrose is underlining its support for Britain's beleaguered

farmers by running TV advertising it was forced to postpone earlier this

year when the foot-and-mouth epidemic was at its height.

The commercial, promoting the quality of the supermarket's lamb and the

efforts it puts into acquiring it, goes on air in London and the south

for a month, together with another emphasising the authentic ingredients

that go into its Indian ready meals.

Banks Hoggins O'Shea/ FCB produced the campaign, which extends

Waitrose's attempt to distance itself from its rivals by avoiding

short-term price wars in favour of a philosophy of delivering

above-average quality at below-average prices under the theme: "Quality

food, honestly priced."

It aims to dispel the perceptions that it is more expensive than its

rivals and to reinforce its commitment to quality food to allay consumer

concerns about food safety.

A key part of its strategy is not to squeeze its 1,700 suppliers, a fact

underscored by one of the commercials, which features a Wiltshire farmer

and his dog. A voiceover says that the farmer has sold his prime lamb

only to Waitrose for the past ten years.

The theme is sustained in the accompanying commercial shot in the heat

of Rajasthan and featuring an old Morris Ambassador taxi.

A voiceover by the actress Jenny Seagrove explains that the taxi is

carrying the chef Sumit Malik who is looking for authentic recipes for

Waitrose's Indian meals.

The 30-second film was written and art directed by the Banks Hoggins

creative partners, Chris O'Shea and Ken Hoggins, and directed by Stuart

Douglas for @radical. media. Media is by BHO/ MBS Media.