Barber and Roman to launch Knucklehead

Daniel Barber and Joe Roman, former directors with the production company Rose Hackney Barber, are forming a new production outfit with Tim Katz and Matthew Brown, the former managing directors of RHB.

Named Knucklehead, the new outfit boasts a roster that has cherry-picked some of the best talent at RHB, and includes Steve Rogers, Rey Carlson, Minkie Spiro and the directing team Ben & Joe Dempsey, in addition to Barber and Roman. Johnny Green, a commercials production designer, has also signed as a director.

Meanwhile, Graham Rose, the founding partner of RHB and the director behind the Hamlet "photo booth" spot, has signed to the Pink Film Company.

Katz declined to disclose the ownership structure of Knucklehead, but he, Brown, Barber and Roman are believed to hold equity in it.

Commenting on the roster, Katz said: "Knucklehead is not just built to service Daniel and Joe; we're setting our stall out as a small- to medium-sized production company.

"The smaller roster allows us the freedom to be more selective and to guide directors' careers more efficiently. We won't have to shoot to keep the company running."

Knucklehead's first production will be a campaign for Lipton Ice Tea for JWT, which will be directed by Rogers.