Barbie hits the red carpet in first UK TV campaign

Mattel has unveiled its first UK-specific brand campaign for Barbie, in which it attempts to revive the toy's "cool factor" by presenting the character as a celebrity.

Two TV ads by Ogilvy will aim to strengthen and extend girls' relationships with Barbie by focusing on the brand, rather than on individual toys.

In the first clip, "red carpet", Barbie arrives at an event and is screamed at by fans as she walks up a red carpet. The second ad, "salon", will feature Barbie being pampered by her stylist in anticipation of the paparazzi waiting outside.

The first ad rolls out this weekend (20 August), while the second will screen in mid-2012. Both clips will target girls aged four- to nine-years-old, although Mattel also hopes to appeal to parents by screening the ads in cinemas.

Jenny Watson, senior marketing manager at Mattel, said: "This campaign was designed to communicate Barbie’s appeal and popularity to girls and mums in a new way. The Barbie brand is fashionable and credible, but also humorous and playful. The new campaign brings to life all elements of the brand to remind people of Barbie's status as a fashion icon."