Barclaycard "Festival" and "Wrestling" by Droga5 London

Barclaycard's new ads boomerang between the perspectives of two long-suffering partners who bear each other's unique passions.

The first spot takes place at a wrestling match, where the woman is clearly a big fan. Meanwhile, her patient partner consoles himself with the fact that he saved money on tickets with Barclaycard as his mind wanders off to the event he would rather be at: a music festival. In the second, the opposite situation plays out. While at a music festival, where the man is having the time of his life, the woman’s attention drifts off to her fantasy of taking the starring role in a wrestling ring. The campaign promotes the entertainment perks and offers available to Barclaycard customers. It was created by Nick Lindo and Seb Thomas, and directed by Nick Ball through Blink.