Barclaycard teams up with Dare for digital campaign

Barclaycard has launched a live digital campaign with Dare, featuring internet stars including Brett Domino Trio creating personalised songs for tweeters, such as Derren Brown, to promote its Bespoke Offers.

The live event takes place at London’s Duke Island Studios until 24 May. It involves Barclaycard’s Bespoke Offers team working with internet songwriting acts to create personalised films for people who tweet @bespokeoffers or using #bespokeballads.

The campaign has been devised by Dare creative team Robert Graves-Morris and Dipesh Mistry to demonstrate the personalised aspect of Barclaycard’s Bespoke Offers service. Production is by Unit9.

Each ‘bespoke ballad’ will be based on the person’s hobbies, likes and interests, taken directly from their tweets in real time. The ballad will end with an offer that’s unique and relevant to them, as part of Barclaycard’s new bespoke offers service, which provides money saving offers from brands across the UK.

Stuart Beamish, the marketing director at Barclaycard Bespoke Offers, said: "We’re really excited about the bespoke ballads campaign, which gives everyone the chance to have their own personalised song. We have some great musicians on board and this is a fun and social way of bringing to life our new bespoke offers service."

Each ballad created will appear on a dedicated YouTube channel, with an anticipated reach of 19 million people, with the songs devised by internet bands Rathergood, Brett Domino Trio, Katy and Liz and Carrie Fletcher.

The team has already created ballads for celebrities including Jeff Brazier, Dawn O'Porter and Derren Brown as part of the campaign.