Barclays inserts DM into UCAS as part of student-aimed push

Perspectives Red Cell, the WPP-owned marketing services agency, has

created a direct mail campaign for Barclays targeted at the student


The work communicates the bank's offer for students to open an account

before going to university or college. The creative will be inserted

into mailings produced by UCAS (University Central Admissions Service),

which go to all students with places.

The creative talks about Barclays' student benefits, such as a pounds

3,000 overdraft and a Barclaycard with a pounds 500 limit, by using

pensioners who fail to understand the offers and use a range of


One elderly woman is shown saying: "My bank wouldn't give students a

pounds 3,000 overdraft to waste on those all night roves ...".

Stuart Burnett, the creative director at Perspectives Red Cell, said:

"There is a danger of trying to be the trendy uncle, so we remember that

Barclays is still a bank, while communicating in a witty way."

The campaign was written by Nick Pye. The art director was Leigh Fowler.