Barclays partners Airlabs to offer clean-air rides in London

'Barclays air cabs' feature clean-air technology.

Barclays: clean-air technology in black cabs
Barclays: clean-air technology in black cabs

Barclays has partnered Airlabs to fit 10 black cabs with air-filtration technology to reduce pollutants. The filtered air inside the "Barclays air cabs" will be as clean as that in the Peak District.

On 3 and 4 July, the cabs will offer free rides within London zones one and two. The "Barclays air cabs" will then be available for hire on London’s roads for 12 weeks.

The technology allows the cars to remove up to 97% of particulate matter and up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide from the air inside within 10 minutes.

Juliet Rogan, national head of high growth and entrepreneurs at Barclays, said: "We’ve made 10 of the taxis free for two days in order to help tech innovators like Matthew [Johnson, chief science officer and co-founder of Airlabs] to take Airlabs to the next level. We want to help many more high-growth entrepreneurs who create growth and jobs for the UK economy."

The taxis are part of the bank's initiative to showcase the positive impact of small businesses that are using technology to solve societal and environmental issues.

Johnson said: "Without the support of businesses such as Barclays, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the growth and scale that is needed for us to have the greatest possible impact on the quality of the air that people around the world breathe."

The project has been delivered by Iris.