Barnardo's tackles child poverty issue with new BBH work

Bartle Bogle Hegarty has created a hard-hitting press and radio campaign for Barnardo's that tackles the issue of child poverty.

The press ads will run for four weeks in national titles. The first execution shows a baby with a silver spoon in its mouth and asks why every child can't be born this way. Two additional executions subvert this cliche by showing children born with hypodermic needles and cockroaches in their mouths.

The campaign was inspired by the fact that the UK has the worst child poverty rate in Europe (3.8 million children are living in poverty). It shows that many children have the odds stacked against them before they're born.

Andrew Nebel, the director of marketing and communications at Barnardo's, said: "We believe the images in this campaign need to be thought provoking if we are to make people aware that poverty is the biggest threat to a child's future."

The campaign was art directed by Johnny Leathers and written by George Prest. John Ayling & Associates planned and bought the media. The images for the press ads were photographed by Miles Aldridge.