Barraclough to start up DM agency with creative extras

Chris Barraclough, the former chairman of Proximity London, is to launch a creatively driven direct marketing agency next month.

Barraclough Edwards Chamberlain will open in the first week of July and already has clients on board. Barraclough is joined by his creative partner, Steve Edwards, and the EHS Brann account director, Nic Chamberlain.

Chamberlain first worked with Barraclough eight years ago, when he joined Barraclough Hall Woolston Gray - the agency that later became Proximity - as a graduate.

The start-up will aim to forge closer working relationships between creatives and clients, enabling the latter to become more involved in the production of work.

To facilitate this, all of the agency's clients will have a creative from Barraclough Edwards Chamberlain working in their offices for one or two days per week.

"What will make the agency different is the direct relationship between its creatives and clients," Barraclough said. "Too often, clients don't feel involved in the creative process. Our way of working will be much more collaborative, and also much faster."

The start-up, which will be based in Soho Square, will initially be self-financed. "We're doing this to regain control of our lives," Barraclough asserted. "We've had plenty of offers for backing, but we don't want that yet. It's important that we get the culture right first."

Barraclough started his career at Smith Bundy. He later joined DDM before quitting to start BHWG in 1991.