Barrett Cernis unveils first work for Purdey's since Britvic buyout

Purdey's, the health drink, is returning to advertising after a

two-year absence as its new owner, Britvic, attempts to secure its place

in an increasingly crowded market.

The poster campaign, produced by Barrett Cernis, aims to set the brand

apart by emphasising how its natural ingredients can restore energy

levels - in contrast to Red Bull-type drinks which claim to boost


The strategy is being executed in a poster and bus-back campaign

throughout the summer in major cities under the theme "Energise


The advertising, targeted at urban professionals and students, is the

first to be produced by Barrett Cernis since the agency was assigned the

brand, acquired by Britvic along with Ame and Aqua Libra when the

company bought Orchid Drinks for pounds 16 million a year ago.

The campaign is intended to reconcile consumers' varying perceptions of

the brand. Research has shown that while some regard it as an energy

drink, others are unsure how to categorise it.

All the ads feature the product's distinctive silver bottle. In one it

is the liquid centre of a lava lamp. In another a dove pecks off the top

of the bottle to get at the drink.

All the ads were art directed by Ray Barrett, the agency's creative

director, along with Tam Abercasis and Guy Ordway and were written by Al

Bendyshe-Brown and Tim Clarke. Media planning and buying is through