Bauer launches knowledge-led mag Wonderpedia

Bauer Media is preparing to launch Wonderpedia, a monthly knowledge-based magazine offering a mixture of content covering world events, historical events and the natural world.

Wonderpedia: Bauer Media to launch knowledge-based magazine this month
Wonderpedia: Bauer Media to launch knowledge-based magazine this month

The magazine will launch on 24 May with a cover price of £1.99, and will carry the strapline, 'Discover something new'. The concept behind the magazine is to tap into the curiosity that Bauer claims is "hardwired in us all".

Confirmed advertisers in the first issue include Peugeot and Staropramen.

The launch will be backed up by a £1m marketing campaign which will include email communications to Bauer subscribers, nationwide radio promotion, and cross-publication promotion across other Bauer publications including Empire, Digital Photographer and Trail magazine.

It will be accompanied on 10 May by a free special preview issue of the magazine. The sample will be distributed to more than 200,000 consumers, together with physical sampling at museums and other relevant venues.

Wonderpedia will be promoted in the news and current affairs science section of all major supermarkets and high-street newsagents, including Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and independent retailers.

Targeting a broad consumer base, Wonderpedia magazine launches into a magazine category with a core target demographic of ABC1 men aged 25 to 54, who "need to know something about everything and everything about something".

In addition, there will be extensive cross-platform promotion across the Bauer portfolio, including press advertising in London lifestyle and specialist titles, such as Empire, Digital Photography and Trail magazines, plus radio advertising using the Bauer Place portfolio of regional radio stations.

The website will be launched in tandem with the magazine, to build an interactive relationship with consumers and to drive subscriptions.

Paul Keenan, chief executive of Bauer Media, said: "Wonderpedia is entering into a strong knowledge category and is unique in its tone, and the way it offers a wide breadth of content differentiates it from existing UK magazines. It represents a fantastic opportunity for advertisers to connect with a group of engaged and educated male consumers."

Abby Carvosso, managing director of Bauer Media London Lifestyle and Advertising, said: "Wonderpedia will be as surprising and unpredictable as the world that we live in. Every issue will take readers on a voyage of discovery to further their understanding of the world, getting closer to the things that matter and reminding them of the everyday magic of the universe.

"Our extensive pre-launch research demonstrated that Wonderpedia will genuinely bring something new to the UK magazine category."

Wonderpedia follows Bauer's launch of LandScape magazine in April.

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