BBC illustrates the power of the internet in new ad campaign

LONDON - The BBC is promoting its new series of programmes that investigate the extraordinary power of the internet through a new TV ad created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

The ad features an extraterrestrial figure representing "the people of the internet" sending a message to the people of Earth, explaining just how important and integral the internet has become to civilisation.

The spokesperson speaks of how the internet is working to change the world for the better, by helping to find cures for diseases, providing a platform to preserve the earth's resources, and even having the potential to end war.

The ad sees the ghostly figure present in key political and social situations, standing by Barack Obama's side as the US president addresses the nation and appearing on the front line during a battle between troops in the Middle East.

The spot goes on to explain that the army of internet users is already one billion-strong, and has the potential to grow even more as it looks to shape the future of humankind.

It ends by posing the question: "Is the internet the greatest power that the world has ever seen?"

The TV work will be supported by radio and online ads.

The BBC's season on the power of the internet launches on 8 March, and will run programmes dedicated to the subject on its BBC World News and BBC World Service channels, as well as on