BBC One "The supporting act" by BBC Creative

The first Christmas campaign by BBC Creative, the broadcaster's in-house agency, is one of the most charming ads of the season.

The stop-motion film follows a 10-year-old girl as she practices for the most important dance performance of her life, while her busy dad is distracted with Christmas preparations. When the big night arrives the two come together for a surprising and special moment – illustrating the BBC’s 2017 theme of "oneness".

The ad is set to a rearrangement of Clean Bandit track Symphony. The characters were animated with stop-motion techniques but their faces were created with CGI to help them express a fuller range of emotions. 

Four new idents and other digital assets will accompany the two-minute film. The campaign was created by Arvid Harnqvist and Amar Marwaha, and directed by Blinkink’s Elliot Dear, who was also behind John Lewis’ 2013 Christmas ad "The bear and the hare".