BBC Radio 2 'amazing music' by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

BBC Radio 2 has launched a brand campaign featuring two of its presenters to raise awareness of the station's line-up of DJs.

Two separate executions feature Radio 2 DJs Russell Brand and Chris Evans. In the Brand spot, the stand-up comedian and presenter is shown in a hotel corridor waiting for a lift.

As he waits for the life to arrive, he spots an antique mandolin and after checking no-one is around, begins playing the opening chords of REM's 'Losing my Religion'.

As he launches into singing the vocals, he accidentally breaks the mandolin and furtively puts it down before jumping into the lift.

The Evans ad follows a similar theme, with Evans playing a Coldplay song on a piano in an antiques shop. The ads will be shown as 40- and 30-second versions.