BBC relaunches Ceefax service for digital viewers

LONDON - BBCi, the BBC's interactive arm, has relaunched Ceefax with a new look and more services for digital viewers.

The digital version of Ceefax brings under one service all of BBCi's interactive TV programmes and interactive information services.

BBCi is also increasing the amount of video content that can be accessed by viewers. The new service will also be available to all digital terrestrial, satellite and cable viewers.

Emma Sommerville, BBCi's head of 24/7 television, said: "We wanted to continue the pioneering work undertaken by Ceefax in the 70s, by developing our existing digital television information services."

Digital satellite viewers will be able to access the new services from the start of next month. The service will then be rolled out to digital terrestrial viewers on Freeview.

She added: "Our aim is to create something that exploits the extra capabilities of digital, while remaining easy to use so that we can encourage viewers to use the service, as part of our remit of helping to drive digital take-up.

"We want to develop our existing services for the digital generation so that they will be as easy to use and as trusted as Ceefax has been for analogue audiences."

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