BBC "Stay at home" by BBC Creative

The BBC has launched a series of films on TV and social media encouraging UK residents to stay in their homes, making use of appropriately themed footage from Miranda, The Thick of it, The Mighty Boosh and I'm Alan Partridge.

The clips feature Miranda Hart hailing the joys of living alone; Peter Capaldi’s spin doctor Malcolm Tucker belting: "Right people listen up: this is a fucking lockdown!" at exasperated colleagues; an eerie folk-tinged tune from The Mighty Boosh entitled Isolation; and a scene in which Partridge outlines the strict schedule for a planned James Bond marathon.

The first three films end with the on-screen message: "Seriously, stay at home. Please help stop the spread." The Partridge one, meanwhile, has the text: "Set a routine to get through staying in."

Yesterday (26 March), Channel 4 showed its support for the NHS with an ad break takeover