BBC Studios teams up with Escape Hunt for second Doctor Who game

Visitors will work in teams to save their spaceship from Dalek.

BBC Studios: Dalek will attempt to exterminate players
BBC Studios: Dalek will attempt to exterminate players

BBC Studios has partnered Escape Hunt to develop a second Doctor Who escape room called Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens.

Escape Hunt launched its first Doctor Who game in January 2019 centred on a Cybermen invasion of Earth.

The new game can be experienced at Escape Hunt Reading from 9 March and Birmingham Resorts World from 11 March, with other venues including Norwich and Basingstoke scheduled to open throughout 2020.

Visitors will step on board a doomed spaceship where a rogue Dalek has tapped into the power system in an attempt to recharge its weapons. Players must prevent catastrophe by shutting down the ship’s power core; however, the ship’s life-support systems rely on the same energy source, meaning shutting it down would result in the death of all 10,000 passengers.

Teams of up to six are given 60 minutes to resolve this impossible situation so the spaceship can continue safely to its destination. If the Dalek is not defeated within the time limit, it will result in extermination.

Richard Harpham, chief executive of Escape Hunt, said: "Doctor Who has a loyal and dedicated fanbase, which we have seen from the success of our first game, so to be able to bring some variety to the public with a brand new and innovative game centred around the iconic Dalek characters is an exciting prospect for Escape Hunt."