BBC Two 'leap of faith' by Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media has created a series of films for BBC Two using the characters from its US superheroes drama, 'Heroes'.

The films feature four characters from the hit series played by the same actors from the show; Claire Bennet, Mr Bennet, Peter Petrelli and Nathan Petrelli.

Each execution has been created using specially shot footage of each actor or bespoke animation. In the films, the number two acts as a portal into the mind of the actors, allowing viewers an insight into their psyche.

The films are part of a new brand project from BBC Two called 2Dimensions, in which viewers will see key BBC Two talent portrayed in two dimensions through the "2" portal.

The 'Heroes' brand films will run predominantly in BBC Two airtime and on the BBC Two website, but will also be aired across BBC One, BBC Three and BBC Four in the run-up to the season finale on December 5.