BBH creates 'animal' ads for Lynx

Bartle Bogle Hegarty transposes the mating habits of the animal

kingdom onto humans in its latest TV campaign for Lever Faberge's Lynx


In "seagull" a man spots a beautiful woman in a restaurant and wobbles

his cheeks and shakes his head in appreciation. He then runs into the

kitchen, grabs a fish in his mouth, dashes back to the girl and slaps

her on the cheeks with it while she writhes in ecstasy. The nature

programme- style voiceover explains: "In the animal kingdom, the

black-tipped seagull seduces the female by filling his mouth with fish.

Thank goodness humans have the Lynx effect."

"Turtle" shows a young man seducing a girl in a library using his feet,

complete with long toenails. She responds by licking his feet

enthusiastically while the voiceover explains: "In the animal kingdom,

the horn turtle seduces the female by drumming his long toenails across

her snout. Thank goodness humans have the Lynx effect."

The ads were written and art directed by Adam Chiappe and Matthew

Saunby, and were directed by Danny Kleinman through Spectre. They will

air nationally in cinemas from 6 July and on TV from 12 July. Media

buying is through Initiative Media.

BBH's executive creative director, John O'Keeffe, said: "Famous

advertising is created with the help of a strong central idea. The Lynx

effect premise has provided the inspiration for a diverse range of

humorous ads, and these latest commercials are a continuation of this


The spots are the latest for the brand's range of body sprays and

deodorants using the Lynx effect strapline. The "ideal woman" commercial

showed a series of beautiful women stating what they loved about male

behaviour, while a poster campaign showed inanimate objects, such as a

wheelbarrow, given a female gender and flirting with men. "Ideal woman"

won a silver Pencil at this year's D&AD awards.