BBH spot sets Levi's to classical soundtrack

Jonathan Glazer has directed a stirring 60-second commercial for

Levi's that emphasises the freedom of movement that is possible while

wearing Levi's Engineered Jeans.

The campaign, created by Levi's long-term agency partner, Bartle Bogle

Hegarty, will target 15- to 19-year-olds across Europe.

The film, called "Odyssey", opens on a young man, clad in Engineered

Jeans, backing up as he prepares to run through a wall. He runs and runs

through repeated walls until, looking sideways, he realises there is a

young woman running parallel to him.

As the classical backing music, Handel's Sarabande, crescendos the pair

look at each other before charging through a final wall into a giant

forest. They run up two tree trunks, breaking through branches, until

they reach the tree tops and jump into the night sky. The film closes

with the line: "Freedom to move."

"Odyssey" was written by Antony Goldstein and art directed by Gavin

Lester. The pair, who appear in this week's "Faces to Watch" feature,

were hired by BBH from Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper a year ago. The production

company is Academy.

The spot will air on TV and in cinemas from 21 February. There is a

supporting print campaign, which also stars the actors from "Odyssey"

pictured jumping against a plain background. Pan-European media planning

and buying is by Starcom Motive.

The use of classical music is a departure for Levi's. Glazer said: "I

didn't want to depict the pictures too literally with sound. I wanted

objectivity so I made it delicate. What you hear doesn't reflect the

images, it does the opposite, it works against the picture and that is

more interesting."