BDDH works on commuter etiquette

London Transport passengers will be asked to treat each other with

respect by the 70s "Love is ..." cartoon characters in a new poster


It is hoped that the cutesy naked couple will appeal to the better

nature of hardened commuters asking them to stand clear of the doors and

move further down the carriage to create more space for fellow


Sarah Heard, the senior planner at Partners BDDH, which has held the

Transport for London account since early 2000, said the aim is to avoid

authoritarian "finger wagging" by introducing an element of humour.

"The message is delivered by a third party - the creative device of the

cartoon characters - rather than a corporate body. It can be a scrum at

peak-time and manners can go out the window," she added.

In the first phase of the push three posters will be displayed in the

Underground and inside buses from 15 September.

In the second phase, a further four posters, inside buses and tubes and

in Underground stations, will use the "Love is ..." line to cover other

anti-social behaviour such as eating smelly food, putting feet on seats

and listening to personal stereos loudly.

"The enduring appeal of the characters may be due to their ability, over

the past 30 years, to cross cultural and linguistic boundaries," the

account manager, Emma Norman, said.

The campaign was written by Sam Richards and art directed by Phil


The "Love is" characters were created by Kim Casali.

Media buying and planning is by PHD.