BDH unveils new Chicago Town TV ads

Chicago Town Pizzas is launching a new phase of TV advertising with more emphasis on entertainment and less on trying to build the brand's freezer-cabinet credentials.

A national TV campaign produced by Manchester's BDH/TBWA, which breaks on Sunday, marks a change by Schwan, the brand's US-based manufacturer, from previous advertising that concentrated on educating consumers about the brand.

The new initiative replaces a series of commercials produced five years ago in which a presenter explained the benefits of a small pizza.

The latest ads take the brand's proposition of pizzas that can be eaten anywhere, anytime into situations featuring an eccentric American bellboy.

In one ad he pops up in the bed of a man who is about to sleep with the girl of his dreams. In another, he offers to cut up a pizza for a patient in a dentist's chair so that he doesn't have to chew it.

The ads were written by Jez Clark, art directed by Lynton Helmsley and directed by Jim Hosking through Partizan.

Danny Brooke-Taylor, the BDH creative director, said: "This campaign is a sign of a blossoming relationship between the agency and client."

Media buying is through CIA Manchester, which is using TV to capitalise on Chicago Town becoming the best-selling brand in the frozen-pizza market.

Ben Johnson, the Chicago Town European marketing controller, said: "We wanted to strengthen the consumer relationship with the brand. Making them smile, while reinforcing the versatility message on a rational level."