Beavertown supports launch of Staycation IPA with tropical audio experience

Sound of beach paradise is available through phones placed in flight mode.

Beavertown: Staycation beer was created during lockdown
Beavertown: Staycation beer was created during lockdown

Beavertown Brewery has created a beer and virtual experience that people can enjoy while taking a staycation.

The Staycation IPA is designed for consumers to drink while taking a "digital holiday" and tapping into what the brewer describes as a relaxing audio experience.

Beavertown has created a microsite that transports people to a "tropical paradise" through their phones. However, the service only works when users have disconnected from the internet by switching their phones to flight mode.

A track plays the sounds of a tropical seascape designed to help listeners sit back, close their eyes and have a "virtual holiday" with a beer in hand. The longer consumers relax and stay on the site, the higher their chance of receiving rewards such as discounts and free beers.

Logan Plant, founder and chief executive of Beavertown, said: "It’s fair to say that most of us are mourning the cancellation of our holidays and maybe feel like this means summer is over. But it doesn’t have to be like that. With Staycation, we wanted to create a beer that turned that feeling on its head and instead helps everyone celebrate the fact that we are all doing our bit by staying at home."

Beavertown is donating all profits from the Staycation IPA to The Trussell Trust, which works to stop hunger and poverty in the UK. Mc&T is delivering the project.