BEC joins roster for DaimlerChrysler

Barraclough Edwards Chamberlain has been awarded a place on the DaimlerChrysler roster to support the UK launch of its luxury saloon car, the C300.

BEC has been named as the lead agency to develop below-the-line communications to raise awareness of the brand among its target audience, ahead of the car's autumn roll-out in the UK.

The car, which is already available in the US, will be priced from £30,000.

It aims to offer a competitively priced alternative to the large German luxury saloon cars such as the Audi A6 and the Mercedes E-Class.

The car will come with the option of a Hemi V8 engine, which saves fuel consumption by shutting off four of its eight cylinders when it is cruising.

"With our combined experience on car accounts, it's great to be working on such a prestigious brand such as DaimlerChrysler," Chris Barraclough, the creative partner at Barraclough Edwards Chamberlain, said.

"The great thing about Chrysler is that their cars are really interesting. Each one has a real individuality, making targeting more fun and the creative more interesting,"