Behind the scenes of Kelly's of Cornwall's new campaign

The ice-cream brand partner up with Isobel once again after the tremendous success of last year's TV ad revolving around the Cornish language.

"School for Cornish" follows the success of last year's television ad which saw a huge rise in sales for the ice cream brand.

This year, Rob Fletcher, creative partner at Isobel, says that they have "exploded it apart" through expanding it to social media to "take it to the people".

Four short films, voiced by Dawn French, have been launced showcasing "Cornishisms", such as the disaster (or terosa) of dropping an ice-cream, to give a feel of the county's heritage and culture.

Isobel's account partner, Jamie Williams, noted how minority languages, such as Cornish which is shown throughout the campaign, are "a really key trend at the moment and people are really interested in it, so we're just trying to celebrate that".

Senior creative, Ben Stump, revealed how Isobel wanted to "branch out... and show a bit more of Cornwall, because probably as a brand, Kelly's is about as Cornish as you can get".

As part of the campaign launch, Isobel celebrated by handing out free samples of Kelly's "parlour range" outside their office in London's Fitzrovia, with Williams commenting "that's what we're really trying to do for Kelly's this year is really getting across the range of flavours".