BELOW THE BELT: From doormat to silver screen for Ford copywriter

If you're a jaded copywriter fed up with working within the constraints of a one-page letter destined for the bin, take some inspiration from Sven Hughes.

At the same time as working as a copywriter on the Ford account at Burrows and then at integrated agency Phoenix on Laing Homes, he has notched up a few accolades as a budding scriptwriter.

His new short script Roach has just won the Tower Hamlets Film Fund Award; another short script has been nominated for the British Short Screen-play Award 2003 plus he's in negotiations on a £3.2 million feature film as writer/director of The God Machine.

It could be that his days of labouring over copy at the beck and call of the client is over as Hughes hits the big time. But until then, let's not knock the craftsmanship and poetry that goes into a letter enticing people to visit their local Ford dealership for a test drive.