Ben Da Costa, Jam

Ben da Costa 29 lead creative, Jam

Da Costa was Jam’s 15th employee and its first creative. He found his way to the agency after an eclectic start to working life. Da Costa had planned to become a cameraman and one of his first jobs was cable-running on the third series of Big Brother. By fluke, da Costa was almost immediately shoved behind a camera and he soon found himself filming Jade Goody in the bath.

His career took another path after that. Da Costa became more interested in digital tech and went on to manage Razorlight’s digital comms (for all their faults, the band were one of the first to use Twitter). He then set up a digital management company and created an online music fanzine. In short, da Costa is a doer and has brought his creative restlessness to Jam, where he has recently worked on campaigns such as Xbox’s "play like a legend" and "no joke" for Tesco Mobile.