Bentley celebrates 100 years with 'vision of the future' experience

Guests get to interact with 2035 car design.

Bentley: experience reveals 'vision of the future'
Bentley: experience reveals 'vision of the future'

Bentley is celebrating its 100th birthday by giving fans a view of its "vision of the future". The multisensory experience will let people interact with its proposed car design for 2035.

At "The future of extraordinary journeys", the model is revealed over the course of a one-hour experience at Bentley's CW1 House showroom in Crewe. The vehicle's design is expressed through three zones called "light", "air" and "earth".

In the "light" area, there are projections over suspended strings, creating the appearance of sun-rays. The "air" section is a scented forest made from real plants. The "earth" zone features a soundscape and LED lights that appear to fire towards guests, giving the illusion of a car travelling at speed.

Once the sensory journey is complete, a door opens to reveal the 2035 car. A panoramic screen with 4D effects and artistic content are used to communicate the model's features and the brand’s heritage.

The space is designed to feel like an exhibition rather than a traditional car launch. Visitors can travel around the experience in their own time, meaning each interaction will be unique. Brand ambassadors and members of the Bentley design team will be on hand to explain the features of the car and how they have been interpreted to create the experience.

Louise Burns, head of strategic marketing projects at Bentley, said: "Bentley stands for craft and craftsmanship, so Unit9, with their own exceptionally high standards, were the perfect partner for this project, which lets us communicate Bentley’s extraordinary journey into the future to people all over the world."

In addition to the three-week event, which runs until the end of July, Unit9 has also developed a supporting website, social content and a transportable augmented-reality experience that is able to travel to different locations.

Stephan Bischof, creative director at Unit9, said: "It’s difficult to convey a car that’s 16 years ahead of its time, so we relied on emotion to help guests feel Bentley’s futuristic vision. To achieve this, we approached the event from a non-automotive point of view, focusing on reliving the emotions that are tied to a journey’s extraordinary moments."