Bergmann teams up with former Partizan producer for launch

Daniel Bergmann, the managing director and executive producer at Stink, is backing the launch of a commercials production outfit to be run by the former Partizan producer Dan Dickenson.

Dickenson has been the executive producer in the music video production department at Partizan's London office for the past four years. During that time, he has worked extensively with the Parisian animation directors Alex and Martin, the team behind the promo for the White Stripes' Seven Nation Army single. He has also produced a handful of projects for the director Michel Gondry, including the White Stripes promo Fell In Love With a Girl.

Dickenson's role at the as-yet unnamed company will be to develop a commercials roster, although it is understood the company will still produce music videos.

Bergmann and Dickenson refused to confirm the names of any of the directors who will be joining the start-up. It has yet to emerge if Dickenson will succeed in taking any directors from Partizan with him to the new venture.