Best ads in 50 years: Sony was a genuine piece of everyday magic

As part of Campaign's 50th anniversary, we asked the industry to look back on the best ads of the past 50 years. We are revealing one a day for your viewing pleasure...

Best ads in 50 years: Sony was a genuine piece of everyday magic


Fallon / 2005

I wouldn’t be adding anything new by reiterating what a beautiful and imaginative way to do a product demo ad this film truly was.

Every client should remind themselves of the benefit of following their heart and feeling the power of a piece.

I’m sure that research would have thrown up a whole box of optimisations, yet the team managed to safeguard the simplest of ideas and land a genuine piece of everyday magic, stopping consumers in their tracks, hypnotised by the whimsical sounds of José González and beautiful visuals created by Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig.

Many a YouTube viral film has followed the same recipe – "Wouldn’t it be interesting if we…" – then observed the consequences. It’s a recipe that taps into our inner desire to play and be mischievous. In this instance, 250,000 rubber balls thrown down a hillside: what a joy.

Sony, the dominant tech brand of the 1980s, suddenly felt big and relevant once more.

Ryan Newey is founder and chief creative officer at Fold7