The best campaigns on Twitter and Mark Ronson surprises YouTubers

Today's top stories including the best campaigns on Twitter in 2015, Mark Ronson surprises YouTubers for Brit push and salaries for junior and middle-ranking media sales staff hit new highs.

The best campaigns on Twitter and Mark Ronson surprises YouTubers


Most read: Twitter reveals insights from best social campaigns of 2015

Eimear Lambe, Twitter UK's head of brand strategy, reviews a selection of the best campaigns on the platform in 2015.

Lambe writes, "To showcase the key trends and identify the campaigns that got people Tweeting, we took some of the biggest brand campaigns we supported in 2015 and looked at the volume of Tweets mentioning the main campaign hashtag."

Worth noting is the leap in brands using video and short-form content, as well as the growing popularity of Emojis, as used in WWF's #EndangeredEmoji activity (below).

Other successful campaigns on Twitter, include Starbucks #RedCups, Xbox #HuntTheTruth and the Coca-Cola #ChooseHappiness vending machine (below).


Tech: Google cleaned up 780m 'bad ads' last year

Google disabled 780 million "bad ads" last year in its fight to clean up the online ad ecosystem, as ad blockers gain increasing traction.

Google suspended ads ranging from those promoting counterfeit goods and weight loss scams to those that tricked people into clicking on them. 

If a person spent one second looking at each of the ads Google disabled, it would take around 25 years to see them all.

Google said it suspended more than 10,000 sites and 18,000 accounts for attempting to sell counterfeit goods, while there were 12.5 million ads that violated its healthcare and medicines policy.


Campaign Viral Chart: NBA takes pole position

NBA's ad featuring the story of a young fan was the most-shared ad in this week's Viral Chart.

It tells the tale of a nine-year-old boy who high fives Andre Iguodala, the Golden Warriors player, at a basketball game.

The boy keeps his hand in the air, away from anything else that could touch it, until the following game, where he sits next to a girl who is also holding her hand up.

As soon as Iguodala scores they hold hands. The ad has been shared 52,896 times.

Also making this week's chart are Fiat " Zoolander 2 blue steel" and Adidas "white mountaineering FW16 at Pitti Uomo".

Mark Ronson

Brits: Mark Ronson and Mastercard team up to surprise YouTubers

Mastercard asked producer Mark Ronson to select six of his favourite YouTube covers of Uptown Funk for its 'Priceless Surprises' campaign.

The work has been created to commemorate Mastercard's 18th year as sponsor of the Brit Awards.

For the campaign, the six musicians behind the YouTube videos were invited to Abbey Road studios to record their version of the song for a documentary. Or so they were told.

When they arrived, Ronson appeared and led them in a single recording session to create the ultimate cover of Uptown Funk.

Salaries for junior media sales staff hit new highs

Careers: Salaries for junior media sales staff hit new highs because of skills shortage

Junior and middle-ranking sales staff at media owners saw their salaries hit new highs last year because of a skills shortage across the ad industry, according to new research.

Simon Shroot, managing director of Sylex, the media recruitment firm, which compiles the annual pay survey, said: "We have seen more jobs than ever and fewer people being out of a job for very long."

Salaries for new graduates and younger staff with between one and six years’ experience all hit new highs.

Grads could expect a record starting salary of £20,000. Those with one year’s experience got a peak salary of £28,000, account managers with less than six years’ experience got £50,000 and those with four to six years experience £70,000.


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