Betway backs Vegas sub-brand with TV ad

Betway Vegas, a sub-brand of the online betting company, focuses on the changing face of gambling in its latest TV ad.

The television ad, "Teri", is the second part of a campaign titled 'Betway Stories', created by Above & Beyond. It follows on from Betway’s "Frank" film, which coincided with the first World Cup game.

The 30-second film depicts a casino board’s urgent meeting to discuss new competitor, Betway Vegas. Instead of finding a solution, the board, featuring cowboy hats and Elvis look-alikes, enthuse over the new product.

At the end of the spot, the chair of the board is shown using a tablet to play in the lavish room.

David Billing was the creative director for the film and he worked with the creatives Michaela Pannese and Henry Kingston.

Owen Harris directed the film through Outsider, with Starcom MediaVest Group planning and buying the campaign.

The ad is the second of four TV spots from Betway. The previous ad, "Frank", showed a chauffeur to sports stars, promoting Betway Sports. Above & Beyond’s next instalment will mimic a road movie to advertise Betway Casino.

As a whole, the television campaign supports the rebranding of Betway, which seeks to appeal to the emotional elements of gambling, recognising that punters may want to bet in very different ways.

David Billing, the founder and creative partner at Above & Beyond, said: "Gambling brands are seemingly in a war to shout louder than each other. We decided it was time to shout cleverer.

"Online gambling is now just another part of the entertainment mix, so brands need to start relating to their audiences on a human, approachable, emotional level."

Billing said long-term customer relationships were "more pressing than ever".

He said: "You can bet Frank's way, or Teri's way – these behaviours are different takes on Betway's brand purpose – but ultimately it's all about the punter betting their way".