Big Awards 2008 - Digital Gold - Carling, iPint

LONDON - As if the iPhone wasn't desirable enough in the first place, Beattie McGuinness Bungay brewed up a storm this year by creating one of the most sought-after applications that can be downloaded free to the phone.

iPint...digital gold award winner
iPint...digital gold award winner

Coors Brewers
Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Developed in conjunction with Sweden's Illusion Labs, the iPint, which can be downloaded on to an iPhone from Apple's iTunes site, features an interactive game where players tilt ?their phone to help slide a pint of beer down a bar, avoiding obstacles along the way.

Once completed, the iPhone's screen fills with Carling as if it were a real pint glass. The virtual lager reacts just like real liquid, allowing you to swill it round the glass and ìdrinkî it up by tipping the phone.
Carling says that consumers' reaction to the application was phenomenal. The iPint shot to the top of the iTunes free games application chart, and eventually became the most downloaded free application in the world.

"It basically became the definition of a viral piece, in the fact that if you're a bloke of a certain age then it's going to be an essential thing to have on your phone," Mark Cridge, the digital panel chair and the chief executive of glue London, says.

"The beauty of it is that it's a small, simple and focused idea that uses the medium fantastically well. It wasn't trying to do too much, it wasn't being clever just for the sake of being clever. It just worked."

Of course the campaign has run into a spot of bother recently, with BMB and Coors being hit with a £7.1 million lawsuit from the Nevada-based developer Hottrix, which claims that the agency ripped off its iBeer application. But the judges merely saw this issue as another example of BMB's ingenuity.

"We all recognised that it imitated an idea that was already out there," Cridge said. "But we just thought that it was a classic example of an agency finding something interesting, and recognising that by aligning it with a brand like Carling, then it could create an even bigger and better idea."