Big Awards 2008 - Direct Gold - Flora, John Wayne

LONDON - "Walking like John Wayne" is usually a euphemism for someone who has engaged in a night of sexual athletics, due to the bow-legged gait employed by Wayne, who spent most of his career playing cowboys (who spent most of their time riding horses).

Flora...direct gold award
Flora...direct gold award

Bartle Bogle Hegarty

However, for this Flora campaign, supporting the Flora London Marathon, BBH employed the thought in a viral to illustrate the way people look, feel and walk the day after the event.

The film was the final part of an integrated campaign designed to not only target runners in the annual London event, but to raise awareness of the importance of keeping fit and healthy - and how Flora can help achieve this through a balanced diet.

The viral part, which could be sent to friends, was sent on the Monday morning to everyone who had taken part in the race as a thank you.

But where's the paper? Isn't this the Direct category? Good questions both, but ones that are batted away by the Direct panel chair and vice-chairman at the Ogilvy Group, Rory Sutherland, with his usual eloquence.

"It doesn't have to be printed on paper to be targeted. And it wasn't because it was just some viral either. This went to everybody who ran in that race the day after. It was empathetic - I'm not a marathon runner, obviously, but I could fully understand the pain.

"?It had perfect targeting and perfect timing. Every recipient would have received around 1,500 pieces of communication in the following week and none of the other 1,499 would have stuck in their minds like this one.

"It also managed to make sponsorship meaningful, which almost never happens."