Big Awards 2008 - TV and Cinema Gold - Boots, Here Come The Girls

LONDON - With "here come the girls", Mother proved that retail advertising can stand up and take on the big sexy brands.

Boots...TV and cinema gold award winner
Boots...TV and cinema gold award winner


Oozing with sex appeal and excitement, Mother tapped into one of the most powerful truths about women and the annual Christmas party: it's all about how you look on the night rather than the actual party. With that in mind, Mother had a strong strategic platform to showcase Boots' product range.

Mother says the idea for the campaign was inspired by the insight that all women want to look their most gorgeous at the annual office party, and definitely place more importance on it than men do.

Taking the preparation as seriously as preparing for war, the women of all sizes and ages arm themselves with lipstick and hairdryers instead of guns and grenades.

The office becomes one huge beauty parlour, as conference rooms and space in the toilets become the battlefield for gorgeousness.

One of the Big Awards' judges, Russ Lidstone, the chief strategy officer at Euro RSCG, explains: "For a retailer, it's a bold move to use the epic nature of this execution. Fundamentally, what is really good about this ad is the ?well-founded truth on the female ritual of preparation. This is done in an uplifting and sexy way without resorting to clichés.

"Strategically it is on a very strong platform. There is a seamless integration of the Boots products and a clear demonstration of the role they play in that ritual over Christmas. When you are trying to talk about a range of products it isn't easy, but by using the ritual of preparation Mother does it seamlessly.

"The main reason we liked it was the sense of excitement conveyed in the execution. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek but it is like a feel-good movie; it's an optimistic take on what Boots can offer women."