Big Awards 2008 - TV and Cinema - Skoda Fabia, Cake

LONDON - In the late 80s and early 90s, if you had said Skoda was better than Audi, BMW, VW and Honda, people would have thought you were crazy.

Skoda...TV and cinema gold award
Skoda...TV and cinema gold award

Fallon London

Then, after the highlights of "cog" and "grrr", if you'd also said that an ad about baking would move car advertising up a gear, you'd have been committed. But here we are.

Fallon's "cake" has moved Skoda up into pole creative position and made people re-evaluate what can be done in the motor industry at the same time.

"It's fresh, innovative and engaging, like ‘grrr' was in its time," Paul Silburn, the Saatchi & Saatchi creative partner and one of the TV and Cinema judges, says. "It moved car advertising forward. To get such brand recognition without actually seeing the car was brilliant."

For those of you who spent last year under a mixing bowl, the ad shows a bunch of bakers doing what they do best: baking cakes. However, as the ad progresses it becomes apparent that they are putting a cake car together.

"It was a lot of cake mix, wasn't it?" Silburn says. The extraordinary craft that went into creating what was one of the year's most beautiful ads is very clear.

"People loved to watch it again and again. And it's the little bits that get you, such as the wobbly jelly brake light and the Golden Syrup being poured in instead of oil."

And this is some of what actually went into making the cake car: 448 brick cakes, 12.5kg of raspberry jam, 180 fresh eggs, 20kg of raisins and 5kg of cocoa powder as well as specialist cake bakers, such as a marzipaner, four home economists, a cake fabricator and a logistic machine operator/car builder.