Big picture and forward-thinking most important to BMW's Nicola Green #NxtGen

Marketing reveals its list of 10 Nxt Gen marketers. Here, BMW UK's Nicola Green and her mentor discuss how taking an open, holistic view has helped her rise above her contemporaries.

Green: Ambitious, intelligent, genuine
Green: Ambitious, intelligent, genuine

Nicola Green, 29, BMW UK

Brand and launch communications manager

Describe yourself in three words.

Ambitious, intelligent, genuine.

What attracted you to marketing?

Scope, variety, impact and visibility of work.

Are there any trends or media platforms you believe are overrated?

Hashtag marketing. While I fully believe this can be a very powerful tool, it needs to be used in the right way and shouldn’t be used as a "bolt-on" to every campaign out there.

What are your biggest marketing challenges?

Bringing new products to market to brand new audiences, while ensuring brand image remains consistent and strong.

What skills do you think are most important for getting ahead in marketing today?

Holistic and strategic positioning, forward-thinking and the ability to bring ideas to life in a way that adds value to your brand.

Hashtag marketing is overrated – it shouldn’t be used as a ‘bolt-on’ to every campaign out there.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

We have a focus to ensure that our communications reflect the innovative nature of our products.

What are the traits that make your boss Uwe Dreher such an inspiration?

Uwe is very charismatic, personable, intelligent and open-minded.

How has he most helped you in relation to your job?

He gives me complete autonomy across all the projects I am responsible for, whether it’s a national advertising campaign, dealer marketing or product placement, and supports new, innovative ideas and platforms, which I look to include to ensure our marketing stands out from the competition.

What is the best piece of advice Uwe has given you?

Strength of character is key – it’s what makes you stand out from everyone else.

Any other secret to your success?

A genuine belief and passion in what you do, a positive attitude and a good sense of humour.

Uwe Dreher, mentor

Marketing director, BMW UK

What was the first thing you noticed about Nicola?

She provides a strong, instant opinion on almost any topic in terms of marketing communication – this is not limited to just the automotive industry.

What made her stand out among the young marketers you work with?

She has a very open mindset, while still understanding the needs of a complex area of operation. Nicola needs to balance the requirements of many stakeholders such as customers, dealers and our headquarters, based in Germany.

What attributes does she have that mean she deserves her place in the Power 100 Next Generation?

Nicola has a truly international mindset, combined with a rich experience in a world where marketing moves from a traditional communication scheme to digital and social.

What has been your major piece of advice to Nicola?

Stay true to yourself and be authentic. In my opinion, the future belongs to managers with a strong character, instead of being mainstream.

What training do you think is most important for young marketers today?

Building up very strong presentation skills and creating an understanding that these days every business is a global one, with major implications.

What are the secrets to nurturing young talent?

Motivate by giving them the freedom to make decisions on their own and give them the stage to achieve visibility within the company.