Blakemore returns with joint venture

John Blakemore, the former head of advertising at GlaxoSmithKline, is returning to frontline media life with the launch of a new product placement company, a joint venture with Ash Communications.

Ash Blakemore aims to bring a marketing sensibility to the world of product placement, underpinned by both Blakemore and his partner Sue Ash's experience within the communications industry. Ash Communications is a specialist in public relations, with a focus on the healthcare and property sectors.

Although Ofcom now seems unlikely to relax the restrictions on product placement within TV shows in the near future, Ash Blakemore is confident that the sector has plenty of untapped commercial potential.

"The world of product placement will change, even if Ofcom isn't moving on the issue yet," Blakemore said.

"We want to be there with the understanding of what the production companies need, what the viewers will tolerate and what the commercial opportunities for brands are."

Blakemore has been a non-executive director of Ash Communications for the past few years and Ash Blakemore will act as a separate division within the AC group.