BLM response: Adam & Eve/DDB

14% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: Adam & Eve/DDB

New initiatives

Since the events of May 2020, we have listened to the experience of people of colour within our own agency and learned that we have established systems and processes in place which prevent us from being anti-racist.

We are now on a journey to becoming a positively anti-racist and proactively inclusive company and have undertaken a systematic audit of our entire business (from our culture and allyship to recruitment and training to our creative and production processes to client, partner and industry relationships).

We have identified nine workstreams to investigate every interaction that we have together and we are driving actions and commitments across the agency in order to break down those systems and processes and rebuild the agency in a proactively anti-racist and inclusive way.

Existing initiatives

Entry-level partnerships aimed at driving diversity of future talent, including sponsoring the Brixton Finishing School (who recruit candidates from diverse backgrounds to take part in a 12-week immersion course in partnership with the School of Communication Arts), Media Trust "Creativity Works" and West Thames College (through IPA Advertising Unlocked) – all of which we are continuing with remotely. 

Partnered with D&AD New Blood Shift, Young London Leading, Ideas Foundation, PITCH Futures and The Avenues Youth Project.

For the second year running, we have utilised our Apprenticeship Levy to take on two apprentices through Creative Pioneers via British Arrows Doorway on a 15-month paid placement, with 20% of time dedicated to study. In the next round will be looking to extend this with the new Junior Creative Advertising Apprentice Standard.

BAME pay gap


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