BLM response: AnalogFolk

19.4% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: AnalogFolk

New initiatives

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, AnalogFolk decided to take the time to reflect. We concluded that in terms of societal impact, AnalogFolk’s balance between actions and words has been good. Our diversity and inclusion performance, commitments and investments have established us as a leader in our industry that seeks to uplift diverse voices.  

Despite this, we as an independent agency are no longer content with leading an industry that has such poor overall diversity and inclusion performance. And so AnalogFolk launched a new company “north star” including:

- A doubling down on our mission to use digital to make the analog world better

- A new ambition to be an impactful agency of change for people, brands and society in pursuit of a better world

- Breathing new energy into our company values: Stay Restless, Expect Remarkable, Do Good, Make Change and Be You

- Establishing a new CSR pledge that focuses on equality

The targets we’ve set ourselves include:

- Ensuring that our leadership will be 50% female and 25% PoC by 2023  

- Changing how we design and deliver projects, electing to work with partners who share our values and passionate belief in driving equality 

- Using our expertise and skill to bring our mission to life, focusing on creating action

- Sitting down with clients who lead the social impact agenda for their brands

- Doubling down on the successes of BigUp.AI, continuing to scale our investments in line with our own growth, to actively move society forward towards equality

We believe that everyone is responsible for diversity and inclusion at AnalogFolk. Still, we realised that we needed access to the latest insights and thinking in this area to continue to be progressive in this field. So we have hired Tayo Arewa, an HR consultant, to be our global diversity and inclusion specialist to guide our offices as they navigate and plan out our roadmap to achieving our company ambition.

Existing initiatives

AnalogFolk has worked with a number of partners and charities over the years to help achieve racial equality and ethnic diversity. We believe that progress towards greater diversity, inclusion and equality needs to happen at junior and senior levels of the agency and that’s why our programmes focus on just this.  

We are proud to currently work with the following partners focusing on our ethnic diversity. 

Creative Mentor Network: AnalogFolk and CMN have worked together for three years and 12 of our employees have become mentors to young talented creative minds through this program. 

Creative Equals: AnalogFolk is a founding agency with Creative Equals and over the years, we have supported them on their mission to make the creative advertising world more diverse. We are involved in the second Accelerate program commencing later this year, to accelerate multicultural leaders.

BAME pay gap

We intend to start producing ethnicity pay gap reports in 2021 at the same time as our gender pay gap report.

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