BLM response: Creature

8% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: Creature

New initiatives

We've appointed a Diversity Champion within the agency, supported by a diversity task-force, made up of people from in and outside the leadership team, who will champion our efforts and hold us to account if we fall short.

To aid our thinking, we've brought in an HR consultant to talk to people of colour who have worked at Creature in the past and conduct an audit. We need to make sure we're aware of everything.

We've agreed that as a business we will spend 5% of our time helping out black or minority-owned businesses pro bono; we're currently working with a gym in Bushey as our inaugural client.

We're pulling together a diverse list of speakers to come and talk (paid) to the agency, as part of our “Feed The Beast” program. We can't change the diversity within the agency overnight, but we can ensure that a suitably diverse range of voices are heard and elevated immediately.

We're also conducting a recruitment audit with a recruitment company called Hidden, to ensure we're doing all we can to find the right people in the first place

Finally, we're amending the contracts of everyone who works at Creature to make it part of everyone's job description to spend at least an hour a week mentoring or volunteering – the thinking being that having a job in advertising is a privilege in and of itself, and going forward at Creature, enjoying that privilege will be conditional upon agreeing to share it. We've partnered with the organisation XLP to help deliver mentoring and volunteering opportunities to individuals, and we'll also be supporting them as a business.

Existing initiatives

We've always insisted on a diverse range of applicants from any recruiter, and have refused to work with anyone who was unwilling or unable to comply with that. That will continue, although we're taking a broader look at how we recruit in general.

We've worked with the Prince's Trust and the Ideas Foundation in the past, and will be looking to reignite those relationships.

BAME pay gap

We don't but this is something we're looking into, to ensure we're a big enough agency for it to offer worthwhile data.

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