BLM response: Engine

14% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: Engine

New initiatives

Since the arrival of Jim [Moffatt, European chief executive], representation, diversity and inclusion (RDI) has always been firmly on Engine’s agenda. The BLM movement has been a catalyst for re-visiting and re-focusing our approach to RDI, and building on our core principles that were already in place and still hold true.  

We have seven separate workstreams, all at different stages of development. 

1.     Metrics/Target setting/ Progress 

·  Ensuring that we are capturing the relevant data around diversity at an all company, pillar, practice and salary band level. Sharing that data transparently. 

·  Setting KPIs not just at all Engine or pillar level, but at department and salary band level.  

2. Talent Attraction (Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition or EVP) and recruitment, retention

·  Upweight and mandate best practices in interviewing and hiring without bias (e.g.  blind CV’s – including removing name, education and location details, panel interviews, task based assessments).

·  Commit to diverse shortlists for every role (representative of the region the office is based in).

· Interviews based on tasks and tests to draw out talent over affinity bias.

·  Pipelining talent – identify new sources for talent and revisit the criteria that structurally prevent diversity.

· Young talent outreach and investigate apprenticeship schemes available to us.

3.  Learning/Training/Education 

· Continuing with unconscious bias training for staff.

· Dedicated time off to read and educate around diversity/BLM.

· Looking at mentoring programmes for senior staff with young people trying to break into the industry.

4. Internal structure and employee resource/support groups – RDI council 

·  Redesign the existing RDI council, creating a cohort of inclusion networks that are able to represent the lived experience of Engine from different perspectives. These groups will be empowered to drive change and work alongside the Engine exec as part of a reset inclusion council. Our commitment to the breadth of inclusivity at Engine remains unchanged and we will ensure that there is representation across all elements of inclusion as well as space for allyship and intersectionality to thrive.

5. Internal Policies and Working Practices 

· Review the wording of existing policies, creating a specific policy and process regards grievances around diversity and non-inclusive behaviour.

6. Our Outputs/the Work 

· Establish best practice around the work: authentic casting and portrayal of diversity in any written, visual or audiovisual output; look at the diversity of our suppliers.

7. External Partnerships 

· Review our existing partnerships – Ideas Foundation, Ravensbourne, D&AD, Creative Equals, Brixton Finishing School –and see how we can provide more value to our industry through these partners.  

Existing initiatives

· RDI council, manifesto and activity

· Unconscious bias training and inclusive leadership training for our line managers 

· Discrimination, equality and code of conduct policy.

· Hiring manager training.

BAME pay gap

We intend to collate and share BAME pay gap information in 2021.

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