BLM response: Krow

Agency did not disclose BAME employee percentage due to a low response rate to a company diversity survey.

BLM response: Krow

New initiatives

  1. Every Krow employee will be invited to attend a half day training seminar run by Creative Access. These sessions will have been completed by the end of February 2021 and have been designed to take on issues like unconscious bias and microaggressions head on as well as educate across a broader equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. It will also cover recruitment in an effort to make sure we are more diverse in our recruitment.

  2. We are adapting the “Press Pause” initiative from Havas (a big thanks to Havas for making it “open source”) to make it right for Krow. This sets out a process and mechanism for dealing with issues both within the agency and with external partners and clients. This will be in place by the end of September. 

  3. Krow’s creative and planning community are launching an initiative to make sure we approach creative work with inclusivity and diversity front of mind in every instance. This thinking covers briefs, creative development, research and production. This is an ongoing project.

  4. We are working with Creative Access to hire three to four apprentices to provide opportunities to a broader group of talent than we access through graduate or other recruitment intakes. We are hoping to get this up and running by the end of 2020.

Existing initiatives

While the Black Lives Matter movement has created a greater focus within Krow, it wasn’t the catalyst for many of our initiatives. Below is a summary of all the work we have been doing in this area:

  1. We have set-up a cross-group equality, diversity and inclusion team group tasked with making sure Krow is a brilliant place to work by making sure we treat everybody equally, that we are diverse and that we are inclusive. This is the team that has been driving forward our work in this area.

  2. We have run a confidential survey to try and measure exactly where we are in terms of equality, diversity and inclusivity and have planned a second confidential survey to understand more about our team’s experiences working at Krow. Both surveys will be used to help shape our future objectives and strategy. 

  3. We have introduced seven training modules onto our learning and development platform, all of which will be mandatory for all employees to complete before the end of 2020. These courses are titled as follows:

    1. Unconscious Bias

    2. Equality & Diversity in the Workplace (UK/EU)

    3. Hiring for a diverse workforce

    4. Identifying diversity in others

    5. Inclusive leadership

    6. What is diversity and inclusion?

    7. Your unique diversity in the workplace

BAME pay gap

We have just run a company-wide survey to look at how diverse we are but have struggled to get a big enough percentage of the company to complete it because:

o   Some people didn’t want to identify themselves as anything in a company survey and told us directly that this was the case. 

o   Some people disagreed with us doing a survey at all.

o   People on furlough responded at low rates. 

We are also looking at a second anonymous survey of Krow team members to understand more about their experiences working at Krow, which would also be used to help shape our future objectives and strategy. We’re now looking at the best way to deliver this to ensure people are comfortable responding.

As you can see from the comments above we do not feel able to properly [publish BAME pay gap data] currently. However, our People Team (the only ones with access to the survey data at a named level) are looking at those levels where we can compare salaries to see if we have an issue, as they do for other pay gap analysis. Our current analysis suggests that in those levels we can compare we do not have a BAME pay gap but we are some way off being able to do this in full because of the reasons above.

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