BLM response: McCann Worldgroup UK

BAME employee percentage not available. The agency says it is working to capture this data over “the next 12 to 18 months”.

BLM response: McCann Worldgroup UK

New initiatives

In June, we announced the resetting of our commitment to diversity & inclusion (D&I). At that time, we asked each of our team to join us on a journey where we come together across our communities, cultures and beliefs. The commitment and the goals we have set ourselves demand action and determination, which mandates a new level of accountability across our business. Since then, we have focused on advancing our support of the Black Lives Matter Movement and applying what we have learned over the past few months to strengthen our existing D&I strategy, while deepening our resolve to work harder to make our philosophy around conscious inclusion.

BAME Community roundtables 

For the past two months, we have held roundtables with our BAME community. These play a critical role in fostering an open and honest dialogue, providing essential insights to ensure we actively listen, have (sometimes) uncomfortable but essential conversations with our leadership, cement our action plan, and ensure our goals are relevant and aligned with our employees. Specific insights coming out of these discussions that we have addressed include:

-        Establishing a clear plan (currently in development) for the company to invest in, strengthening progression for our BAME employees with learning and development programmes to support, nurture and elevate this community, and all other communities within our workforce.

-        Leadership teams holding themselves accountable, with radical listening and difficult truths being shared directly with them, creating new opportunities to practice conscious inclusion on a daily basis.

-        The evolution of our broader diversity and engagement plan to reflect the specific feedback from these discussions. This plan has, and will, continue to be reviewed during these ongoing roundtables to ensure it aligns with emerging insights and can respond in a timely way to address any issues across our three specific focus areas:

1)     Talent

2)     Leadership

3)     Practices

We have also implemented the following:

  • A new set of policies for suppliers, talent and product, network-wide are being worked on and will be put in place to ensure our output and product always reflect our values and beliefs.
  • We launched a new ethnic diversity eLearning training programme to our UK employee base this summer and received very positive feedback. This is the first programme of its kind to be implemented at such scale in the UK within our network. This will continue for all new UK employees moving forward.
  • Mark Lund, McCann Worldgroup UK and Europe president, will personally take on the responsibility of chair of our new EMEA-wide Conscious Inclusion Council, where he will be assembling, leading and learning from this important group, as part of his ongoing commitment to accelerate D&I for our entire region.
  • Leadership will be updating our MW UK employee base on an ongoing basis regarding the progress we are all making. As we get smarter about what the most effective forms of action are, we will evaluate and adopt them. These updates help us to assess the effectiveness of our goals and examine the role we all play in contributing to creating a culture that embraces, encourages, respects and hopefully inspires each of us to be our best and true selves – with real confidence.

We know there is much more we need to do, and we are committed to listening, acting and getting it right. We are confident in our ability as an organisation to come together to improve our business and transform our environment - ensuring our network is a place where everyone feels safe, respected and valued for their contributions. Diversity and inclusivity is vital to the strength of our organisation, the quality of our product, and critical to the future of our community. We all have a unique opportunity to be part of the change we want to see.

Existing initiatives

MW has an ongoing commitment to D&I and conscious inclusion; creating real, sustainable and transparent change; making meaningful progress; and keeping employees informed on a regular basis about what has been achieved; and what needs to happen next.

Our UK Conscious Inclusion Council has met twice this summer with a revitalised manifesto and approach, led by Sheryl Marjoram, our McCann London chief executive. The CIC members from across our entire UK agency community are elevating the conversation and ensuring all agreed actions from our D&I plan are implemented across each of our UK operations.

McCann Worldgroup’s Global Diversity Coalition has appointed Rob Scotland, head of strategy from McCann London as executive sponsor of the Thought Leadership Committee. He will work with the global coalition to curate and share the content and thinking that reflects our beliefs and values on D&I from across our network to ensure we are part of the conversation to drive change both in our community and beyond.

BAME pay gap

We are committed to capturing the percentage of BAME employees and pay gap data and are working to ensure we do this accurately over the next 12-18 months. We look forward to sharing the results of our analysis as soon as we are able.

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