BLM response: Ogilvy

BAME staff figures not available but agency plans to collect them. Ogilvy says it is "working on a campaign which will provide broader insight into the diversity of our people such as disability, religion and more".

BLM response: Ogilvy

New initiatives

Our Roots network held a series of safe rooms and workshops and have also produced allyship content. We have built an inclusion intranet site for sharing educational resources; we are continuing to train all our people in unconscious bias as well as microaggressions and we have made our bullying and harassment policies and ways to complain much simpler to navigate. We are exploring additional recruitment partnerships to ensure we are broadening our potential pools of candidates. We have woven anti-racism actions into our diversity, inclusion and belonging action plan for 2020-21. All of our leaders’ KPIs have been revisited to ensure each member of the strategy board has D&I specific actions and objectives.

We have an internal campaign about to run so that we have meaningful data to measure ourselves against. We continue to work closely with our five internal diversity networks as part of our inclusion board. The workstreams from the safe rooms are now being worked on across various departments across the agency, from the people team, to client leads, comms and creatives.

At the end of August, as part of a four part series, Ogilvy Roots in partnership with the comms team and people team launched an internal campaign, titled “How to be an anti-racist ally”.

Existing initiatives

Prior to this we had a robust diversity and inclusion strategy, and had put in place our first inclusion board to collaborate with our internal diversity networks. We had embedded unconscious bias nudges within all interview packs sent to hiring managers, and had started our “Managing people at Ogilvy” training for all those managing teams with inclusion at the heart of this. All of our leaders had taken unconscious bias training in 2018-19; our people policies had been reviewed to ensure they were fit for purpose, and had put in place an all agency mentoring programme, as well as launching Craft Academy to give equal access to learning and development for all. We are just relaunching career conversations, to take place across the summer.

BAME pay gap

We do not currently have this but are working towards collating this data.

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