BLM response: Quiet Storm

20.7% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: Quiet Storm

New initiatives

We’ve relaunched Create Not Hate, to help get get under-represented people from black, asian and minority ethnic backgrounds into the industry at a grass-roots level. According to the IPA Census, around  70% of BAME people currently in the industry are privately educated, so it’s clear that we are not hiring from a pool that reflects London’s BAME population fully or are genuinely as diverse as they could be. With many of these kids having no idea about the ad industry being an option for them, let alone the means to get into the industry, we’re trying to tackle the problem at its roots.

We’ve also signed up to the IPA creative apprenticeship scheme to enable us to get the creative educational support for people coming in without a traditional college education or creative training.

Existing initiatives

Given the business is headed up by two senior people coming from a diverse ethnic and social background, achieving racial equality and ethnic diversity is baked into our DNA and core values. The challenge we have found is not enough people from genuinely diverse and under-represented groups coming into the industry at all. We believe more work needs to be done to get these people in. Hence, Create Not Hate.

BAME pay gap

Given our two most senior people - Trevor Robinson (founder and ECD) and chief executive Rania Robinson - are the highest paid people in the agency, there’s unlikely to be a major pay gap when you average it out between us and other BAME members of staff.

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