BLM response: TBWA\London

12% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: TBWA\London

New initiatives

Since June we have been working with a self-appointed diversity, inclusion and belonging agency team to establish a three pillar strategy: agency policy, agency training and agency resources. Some of the key actions that we are looking at under agency policy include: ethnicity pay gap data reporting, updates to our new supplier on-boarding requirements, giving staff time off to attend protests and a review of our ethical guidelines and codes of conduct that are shared with both employees and clients. 

We are also reviewing our hiring policies and looking at putting some measurable hiring pledge targets in place. In parallel, we are implementing several training initiatives and guest speaker workshops, while activating a personal development fund for staff to use to attend workshops of their choice, or purchase books and other educational resources around diversity, inclusion and belonging. 

Working closely with our global team and chief diversity officer, we are also now regularly bringing the whole agency together in a series of ongoing virtual listening sessions, a place where we can all learn from each other openly and without judgement. 

Finally, we have invested in and committed to a program of work with Creative Equals in 2020. We continue to stress that these initiatives do not and should not signal that our work is done, but rather that they are representative of the start of an ongoing commitment to building a safe and inclusive workplace for our people. 

Existing initiatives

We have a number of group-wide schemes which ensure we are taking proactive steps to improve diversity in our company. Our diversity programmes include Omniwomen, OPEN Pride and ADCOLOR. We are proud to have 47.5% female vs 52.5% male and 25% BAME. ADCOLOR’s goal is to create a community of diverse professionals who are here to support and celebrate each other. Their belief is that the world is stagnant with sameness and that’s why we need and want people to stand out and be different. To go out of the box and shine as individuals with unique ideas, perspectives and personalities, who bring new, fresh and brilliant ideas to our business. We are committed to being an equal opportunities employer and believe recruiting employees from a diverse background gives us an opportunity to widen our perspective and inspires creativity.

BAME pay gap

We believe transparency drives accountability therefore we intend to take steps to collate our BAME pay gap within the next six months.

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