BLM response: The7stars

17% of permanent staff are BAME.

BLM response: The7stars

New initiatives

Most importantly we have offered support to our black team members who had to process the George Floyd murder. This is a combination of one-to-one check-ins, offering counselling and giving them a forum to chat about their own experiences. On top of that we held a whole-company meeting dedicated to the issue, plus follow-up sessions for the team, and have committed to writing an anti-racism charter. We have changed our weekly client reports to a summary of anti-racist resources. Liam Mullins, managing partner, hosts a weekly Media For All (MEFA) webinar for the whole industry on the subject.

Existing initiatives

  • Measure and publish our data annually. 
  • Celebrate Black History Month. 
  • Mentor under-privileged kids with Future Frontiers and VisionPath. 
  • Donate to anti-racist charities through our Foundation. 
  • Signed Race at Work Charter and are members of the Conscious Advertising Network and MEFA.

In terms of recruitment, we host BAME students career evenings and have an outreach programme to upweight schools, unis and colleges with high proportions of BAME students.

BAME pay gap

This is in discussion because we have a challenge around sample size and people’s personal data with fewer than 40 BAME employees.

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