The LG Tunnel at CES Day One
The LG Tunnel at CES Day One
A view from Hayley Lawrence

Blog: CES - A view from the floor

Hayley Lawrence, operations director at Brand and Deliver, gives her insight into CES 2017, taking place in Las Vegas this week.

Right off the bat, CES 2017 grabs you with its sheer scale. There are more than 3,800 exhibiting companies showing their products and technologies across a record-breaking 2.6 million sqft of exhibition space. That’s the space of nearly 1,000 tennis courts.

Starting in Tech East’s central hall, the entrance to the LG stand featured a tunnel like display made of 216 OLED digital signs. Running beautiful content and using Dolby ATMOS stereophonic sound technology to boost realism, it was a truly immersive experience and a great start to my day.

A couple of great products that stood out for me as exciting showcases that could be used to enhance events were Solidiphy 3D Printing Solutions and Vuzix Smart Glasses.

Firstly, Solidiphy creates 3D models using its state of the art Cobra 3D Scan Booth. The company was showcasing instant capture photogrammetry using Canon DSLRs.  You simply stand in a scanning booth, while 120+ Canon DSLR’s capture your form. It’s quick, easy and only slightly unnerving. The output uses 3D printing to produce figurines of people and their pets, all available via an automated scan and order functionality. This product is a great way to create an immersive photo booth at an event with the outcome being a very personalised and unique giveaway - a figurine of you!

Secondly, Vuzix Smart Glasses are an Android-based wearable computer. The company currently serves industries like manufacturing and logistics but this product and its partner software capabilities could be a great solution to the next generation of event registration. With the ability to scan and pull data from a central source as well as face recognition, the smart glasses could be used by event professionals to ‘check in’ delegates. It doesn't stop there; two-way communication between wearer and viewer enables the wearer to show what they can see and have the viewer work with them to problem solve, track progress and also share data, technical plans and other relevant information back to the wearer.  For me, this is a really exciting piece of tech that is proven in other sectors already.

It's only a matter of time for events.

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