Anya Hindmarch’s show at London Fashion Week
Anya Hindmarch’s show at London Fashion Week
A view from Hayley Lawrence

Blog: London Fashion Week - hidden exits and UFOs

At an event where everyone is world-class, how do you steal the show, asks Brand and Deliver's director of events, Hayley Lawrence.

London Fashion Week (LFW) can be pretty overwhelming for people outside the industry looking in. There’s no ‘headline act’ to focus on, and instead we’re given a week-long parade of the highest quality designs in the world. It’s hard to know where to even start.

For me, everything I saw at LFW was fantastic but it was Anya Hindmarch’s show that made the biggest impression.

Everyone at this year’s event has been talking about the ‘UFO’ at Hindmarch’s show. Reading through the reviews, the British fashion company’s designs were well received, featuring geometric motifs with a space-age feel, but it was the circular runway and glowing UFO suspended above it that grabbed wider attention.

Towards the end of the show, the models walked to the centre of the runway and the UFO lowered down, appearing to crush them all. In reality they exited via a hidden walkway in the stage but the effect was enough. It made it about more than just the designs on display and everyone had to at least mention it when talking about LFW.

You can see a video of the show here. The interesting part starts around 9min 20seconds.

The logistics of creating the show, from rigging the UFO and building hidden exits, were clearly a lot of work. For me, the results were worth it as they elevated Hindmarch’s show and it became more of an ‘event’ in its own right. I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

Hayley Lawrence is director of events at agency Brand and Deliver.

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